Night Owl Ceremony - Saturday February 23, 2019

A Night Owl Ceremony will be held Saturday February 23, 2019. Night Owl, also known as ZmXL, does not alter your mind - it alters reality.

RSVP here for exact location information, to be sent day of the event, but plan to be near the Upper Haight. The starting point will be available between 7:01 PM and 7:30 PM only.

Expect weather, wandering and light activity. YES, you can bring a snack, water, your people, phone, flashlight, and well behaved dogs and children. If I were you, I'd have everyone go to the bathroom before they showed up. Questions about accessibility? Let us know when you RSVP.

Bringing donations and offerings (small bills, thoughtful items of value, or small acts of kindness that you can give in gratitude to the dozens of beings you may come across on your way) is always nice.

Plan like you are crashing a moving night time picnic, and you are probably planning well.

But, it’ll be more. Reality will warp. Things will be, but not as they’ve been. More and less, more or less. A night of wow and whoa. Get lost. Figure it out. Follow. Lead.

Be a Night Owl. Who who? Indeed.