Business Consulting for Creatives

Everyone has the things that they are good at. And all of us could use help in certain areas.

Creative people can have tremendous vision and bottomless talent. But sometimes it can be hard for them to articulate what it is they want, the steps they will need to take to get those things, the worth those things have in the world, and how to communicate those ideas and things out to the world.

I can help with those things. I like to think I am fluent in both creative and in business.

I’ve helped Ryan O’Connor plan and execute his kimono project – providing steps, goals, helping him define his process and on-going consulting.

I’ve helped Launa Eddy, providing business consulting and direct logistical support.

I’ve worked with Roby Hasty to develop documentation of her process, including directing, shooting and editing a piece on her. Watch it on YouTube.

I’ve also consulted with a number of other creative groups including House of Yes, Shanghai Mermaid and Swimming Cities Ocean of Blood.


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