July 28 – New York – From the right angle, It’s just many small towns on top of each other.


NOTES: – I sometimes think what it would be like if we made all the highways were train lines. http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/22/news/economy/earth-day-green-transportation http://www.csx.com/index.cfm/about-csx/projects-and-partnerships/fuel-efficiency/ http://breakingenergy.com/2015/03/12/wrightspeed-hybrid-electric-trucks-are-the-cutting-edge-of-truck-design/ – Riding the “Chinatown” bus. I really enjoy these. And the drivers are no messing around. – Literally hit the sidewalk running getting off the bus. I forgot how fast everyone moves. How you find a lane, but be careful not to get in the way. I turned the corner of a tight packed store and mad sure I was in the right side of the aisle in... Read The Rest →

July 27 – East Coast


NOTES: – The Honda has been cleared for travel! An oil change and new muffler and we are in business! – I went through the storage bins again. I think we are road worthy their too! – My mom made me take the afternoon off: skee ball and Indian buffet. My mom knows what’s up! –  As part of our infrastructure, I went to an end of summer sale and got a cheap cannopy! Now we can figure out how to take over parking lots!!!

July 26 – “They Make Money, We Make Friends”, and the truth behind crowd funding…

NOTES – Walking today Paul pointed out two hawks sitting just above our heads. It was the closest I think I have ever been to a wild bird of prey! – If you were looking to buy a pop-up canopy tent, now seems to be a great time to get them! – I love http://www.fivebelow.com/ – so much fun, cheap junk. I know I should buy more durable stuff, but this is a sweet indulgence. I bought some sunglasses to wear when I need to have more fun, to supplement... Read The Rest →

July 25 – East Coast – Mau Mau Island – another disappearing place I visit, and how to change your default from work to life

Thanks to Porter Fox for the photo - http://deepthebook.com/

  Orion creates the Battle of Mau Mau Island. You make a boat out of junk, you put on a costume, you bring it out, and you get towed out to a flotilla of other junk boats, and various sailboats that people now live on and abandoned boats that are more frequent than you may imagine as slip fees are rather high… The day is full of wrestling, stealing flags and people generally having a great time being around each other. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.... Read The Rest →

July 24 – EAST COAST – payments, pickles and poles


NOTES: – We may have balanced the East Coast budget this morning. And by balanced, it’s not that we have enough money,   (not by a LONG SHOT), but that we’ve figured out how to make our known expenses match our known money. Oh, the corners we have cut. And the things we are going to have to figure out later. And the things that we are just not going to track. And our belief in the kindness of strangers. But, well, we think we can get the biscuits to work... Read The Rest →

July 23 – EAST COAST – “I feel like we are about to wind up on someone’s blog”


NOTES: – Ah, the storage space. Just like I left it. But, what did I leave? Well, the only way to know is to go through everything.  So, that is what I did. There were a few surprises: present me thanked past me for buying all of those batteries. And generally being a good packer, if a bit heavy handed. So I pulled out my prep stuff, and headed towards my parents house. (I’m going to need to go through and cull stuff, but so be it, next week). –... Read The Rest →

July 22 – Alarmed at no alarm…


Notes:  – Having trouble sleeping before an early morning thing is sort of normal for me. But, I set my alarm. Even if I need to get up at 5 AM. I should be good. Or so I thought. I woke up again In the middle of the night. No problem. Drink water, visit bathroom, back to bed. But, when I got up again at 6:15, with no alarm? Well, can I just say I was alarmed? Seems like the alarm clock that I rarely use and recently reset was on... Read The Rest →

July 21 – It’s a SF theory: sidewalk staircases lead to parks.


NOTES – – Necessity is the mother of invention. We are coming up with innovative ways to pay for our truck: – could we haul things from NYC to Burning Man (infrastructure or art) – could we haul things from Boulder to Burning Man (infrastructure or art) – could we haul things from Reno to Burning Man (raw materials, equipment, belongings, food, water) – could we haul things from Burning Man to Reno (taking people’s stuff back) – could we haul things from Burning Man to NYC (equipment) Everyone is... Read The Rest →

July 20 – Alarmed at the lack of a summer jam


Notes: – Currently there is no clear winner as the Jam of Summer. This is concerning. I have not heard one clear SUMMER ANTHEM. –  A friend of mine and I were discussing evening plans: “Please don’t get her arrested. She is here on a visa.”  #artlifeproblems – What started as a casual call to check in was interrupted by an urgent text, resulting in a discussion of how to roast 30 turkey legs for two different art events in different states. I am now covering up to $30 of... Read The Rest →

July 19 – In SF, Mimosas grow on trees…


NOTES: – I have this idea that I call “creative density”. It’s the idea that if you have enough creative people in an environment, there will be a bunch of chance encounters that can actually mean that some interesting art can happen. I had one of those moments today. I’m a bit lost today. I thought I was going to be on the road. No plans. I puttered this morning, but as the house started to heat due to the mid-day sun, it was time to leave the house. I... Read The Rest →

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