July 1 – End of chapters, start of chapters, and the notes…


As of yesterday the EhL Kickstarter ended, and so did my work contract. (Anybody want to hire me?) Working things out with a subletter, and then on to the open road! I’ll drive from SF to Philly, and then from Philly to SF. But, all of these nice people gave to the Kickstarter. And we told them that if they gave, we’d keep them up to date. And, goodness knows, I like having something to keep me busy. So, I am going to blog. Every 100 miles or 36 hours.... Read The Rest →

Waiting For The Man – May 18, 2013 – Anticipation, Secrets, and Seeing If You Can Be The Most Fascinating Person In NYC.


Twenty teams of artists competed to see who could be so interesting that they would be photographed in one of the 10 instant photos of our unwitting photographer/judge.

Meeting of the Minds Aug 21, 2013 – an impromptu event and infiltration for people who are interested but not yet involved


People always ask me to bring them along on events. But, I hesitate to bring along people I haven't worked with before. So, I did a project where everyone was someone I hadn't worked with. SO. MUCH. FUN.

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