Slow Roll July 2022

Want to get together and slowly ride bikes while we listen to a playlist of mostly music by jazz greats?

Here’s the details!


Saturday July 16 – meet at 7 PM, we leave at 7:29 PM (gcal link)

Where to meet up:
Pier 3 of Brooklyn Bridge Park – North West Corner

Where are we riding:

Brooklyn Bridge Park Piers ->  Red Hook -> Prospect Park – we’ll go where it isn’t too crowded / has a good vibe, but we’ll go slow and not too far! We will then ride to Prospect Park to meet up with this dance party –

Wait a minute – what and why?

Let’s get together and ride bikes, stay safe-ish and listen to jazz greats. Mark is bringing six (6) JBL “Flip 5” speakers, that all connect and play sound at the same time. (More on how that works here and here.) If you have a compatible speaker, feel free to bring it!

We’re gonna listen to a playlist of jazz greats, and slowly bike around, and take a break when it seems fun. Maybe put some fun lights on your bike if you have some around?

The goal is a really low stress bike ride, use the speaker system, and see some friendly faces.

We are planning for this to be a small group. But feel free to bring a buddy and tell folks!

Sound good? Let me know!



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