Night Owl Ceremony

Night Owl Ceremony – Feb 23, 2019


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On Saturday, February 23, just after dark, in a larGGe Park in SF I am going to throw an unsanctioned collaborative event. You are invited. Yes, I’m looking for people to do installations. Send me an email, and I’ll fill you in on all the details. But, you know, it’d also be great if you just wanted to come.

The name is inspired by “NewsFrom Nowhere no. 7.” by Richie Rhombus, where Richie takes “Night Owl, also known as ZmXL”. It doesn’t change his perception of reality – it changes reality!

This will be in the style of Lost Horizon Night Markets. My poetic description of the Night Market is that it’s just an extreme version of tailgating. 😜 I see this more as extreme version of late night picnicking.  (Although notably different than when we did Competitive Winter Picnicking, mostly because there is a notable loose progression.) I think it will be more of a mix between You’ve Got My Eyes and the Cardboard Animal Parade.

I’m going to go on walks along the route once or twice a week up to the event, walking collaborators through the space and talking through things, revising the idea. If you’d like to do something, you should come to at least one walk. If you just want to come to the event, you can come along as well, but expect “spoilers”. The park is great at night! Plus, a night walk with friends is a great way around the after dark doldrums.

For those who want to do something / collaborate: I’ll tell you the whole story, but want to keep some element of surprise for those coming to see it. I’d love if you reused something you’ve already built and maybe took to a festival out of town. Or maybe an early version of something you are working on. Or, if you are feeling it, make something bespoke for this. It’s up to you! Unsanctioned thought, so quick set up, and quick break down.. Just remember, all rules of Golden Gate park apply. (And yes, the park is open to people on foot until midnight!) No budget, but feel free to ask for donations. I’m considering setting up a version of the Knock Down Truck.

For those of you who just want to come: As I mentioned, you’re still invited to come along on the walks as long as you are ok with some of the surprises being revealed. (And, we may try to recruit you to do stuff.) Sure, you can bring a snack, water, your people, phone, flashlight. It’d be good if you bring donations and offerings – small bills are really nice to have, but so are other items of value you can give in gratitude to the dozens of people who are making this possible.

Plan like you are crashing a moving night time picnic, and you are probably planning well. But, it’ll be more. Reality will warp. Things will be, but not as they’ve been. More and less, more or less.  A night of wow and whoa. Get lost. Figure it out. Follow. Lead.  

Be a Night Owl. Who who? Indeed.