TIP’S FROM THE FIELD: Announce yourself, your team, on conference calls

It is a little thing, but announcing who you are is important on conference calls. You never know who is out there, and despite all of our best intentions, it can be hard to remember everyone’s voice. You only have to do it once during a call, either at the beginning of a call or when you chim in.

What I say is, “Hi, this is Mark from BigExcitingCorp…” and then go into what I am going to say.

And if you are with a team, don’t forget to announce them as well.

What I do is announce people by the discipline they work in. It’s clear who everyone is, and keeps roll call for taking forever.

So, it would be something like: “Hi, this is Mark from BigExcitingCorp. With me, I have 6 people, including Jim, Kim, Ashley and Meghan from Creative, Dave from account and Luke from our tech department. Who else is on the call?”

I try not to include individual’s roles though. I let individuals fill that in with the role they want to reveal.

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