July 1 – End of chapters, start of chapters, and the notes…


As of yesterday the EhL Kickstarter ended, and so did my work contract. (Anybody want to hire me?) Working things out with a subletter, and then on to the open road! I’ll drive from SF to Philly, and then from Philly to SF.

But, all of these nice people gave to the Kickstarter. And we told them that if they gave, we’d keep them up to date. And, goodness knows, I like having something to keep me busy.

So, I am going to blog. Every 100 miles or 36 hours. Whatever comes first. (Man, this is not going to be easy.)

I’m thinking about how towing a trailer with my truck to move all of the East Coast’s EhL gear, instead of renting one truck to move all of the



– Today I didn’t mention Kickstarter on social media or ask for money once. You’re welcome.

– From a friend with an art trailer:  on driving with a trailer:

really big ass rearview mirrors on both sides of hauling vehicle. Both should have small fish eyes for total rear viewing. You should be looking in them constantly in city street traffic, and frequently on the highway. Cannot stress this more. Hitting something is inevitable If you aren’t looking behind you – mandatory in any turns. Of course, don’t forget to look ahead! Wide turns.

– Clip on rearview mirrors may be in my future – http://amzn.com/B000BOYDZS

http://www.claremontresort.com/ – I am planning to go read a newspaper in their hotel lobby. It’s research for an upcoming project. I drove by. Seems you need a ticket to even get into the gate. More investigation is due.





– They sell cocoa shells as mulch. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden.

– It pays to shop around, car repairs especially.

– If you ask someone to do sit ups with you, the response can be surprising. (NOTE: we have a new rug in the living room. House guests be aware.)

– It’s good to tell people things. It’s better when they do their own research and are sure from their own learning.

– Two places I think sound unique to San Francisco: Gashouse Cove after dark on a weekday (the soft sound of the boats), and the financial district near – a few blocks north of the Montgomery street BART stop (it’s amazing how you can just hear foot falls).


Ideas to work on:

– A lot of people I know have to do Physical Therapy. But it looks funny to do it. But doing things that look funny are okay in bigger groups. When I hang out with people, how can I get people to do their PT or some sort of stretching?

– How are we going to stretch on the road?

– Is it better to rent or buy a trailer?



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