July 11, 2015 – Stories I am looking forward to remembering

– Over breakfast, we talked about the lack of “happy go luckiness” in SF. How coming from the East you sort of expect most people to be that way in California. But maybe it’s people may be too cool for that. Thoughts? (Of course, this is a MASSIVE generalization. But we hadn’t had coffee yet.)

– Chatty lift driver says her son is a prodigy in music, but won’t play, but she’d like to encourage it.  My suggestion: suggest he can make money doing it, and have him try busking. Her eyes told the story of a novel idea.

– Things to stop being afraid of: Waiting for other people to make their move. Say something. Shut up. Wait. Filling the silence isn’t really helpful.

– I use Uber. I just like the drivers better. We always have great conversations. But, I just noticed that Oakland drivers are way more casual. San Francisco drivers seem way more “career”.  Both are nice though.

– I am looking forward to seeing my friend Allison in a few months. She is a circus person – an acrobat. Tonight was her birthday. I am a very solid person. I make a great base. When she sees me she usually climbs me like a squirrel climbs a tree. Tonight she crawled up me and we balanced on her stomach on my head. And then we spun her. I’m looking forward to seeing her so I can say “remember your birthday when we spun you on my head?” That will be an awesome memory. And, wow, I have a strong neck!!!

– Tonight there was a Lost Horizon Night Market in Brooklyn, and I wasn’t there. I am so damn proud of those people. It feels a bit weird that I  was not there. But to know that people are keeping it weird makes me happy. I am looking forward to seeing pics and hearing stories. Did you go? Tell me your story?

– I went to this opening: http://www.heronarts.com/exhibition/ass-kicking-contest and to this http://sunsetpiano.com/flower-piano/. While they were both really nice, I think other people wrote about them better than I could. What was nice was the friends that I ran into at them.



Jupiter and 119 and the Golden Spike

Width of 2 horses tied to width of trains – Snopes says not true, but also, not false…


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