July 28 – New York – From the right angle, It’s just many small towns on top of each other.


– I sometimes think what it would be like if we made all the highways were train lines.




– Riding the “Chinatown” bus. I really enjoy these. And the drivers are no messing around.

– Literally hit the sidewalk running getting off the bus. I forgot how fast everyone moves. How you find a lane, but be careful not to get in the way. I turned the corner of a tight packed store and mad sure I was in the right side of the aisle in case someone else made the turn. New York: you know your place.

– I forgot, or maybe didn’t realize, how everyone is beautiful in New York. Everyone is dressed well for work. Because, you are going to work.

– what surprises me is how everything is so exceptional and everyone takes it as average.

– What a great night to spend in Jac’s backyard garden, watching Io patrol the yard for squirrels and cats. Jonah set the agenda and we plowed through, dotting our i’s, crossing out t’s. ┬áThis planning part is almost done. The show starts Saturday!

– Catch an Uber Pool to the place we are staying. The driver tells us about how much he likes driving Uber. The person we share the pool with gets in and we all agree we like Uber better than Lyft. We exchange stories. We’re untied.

– I drop off bags with Drew. We chat, and then let him get some sleep.

– Evan and I took a long walk through the Brooklyn night. I realized I can lead this sort of walk through several cities. One of my favorite skills.

– Walking through Bushwick, I casually bump into people I know. A quick hi to one, a longer talk with another. A city of millions of people, but in the hood you live in, really make a life in, its a small town.



– I come back tired, and find a friend sitting where I am to sleep. I am really tired, but I can tell we need to talk. She tells me she has insomnia. She’s there visiting her boyfriend, another friend of mine, but can’t fall asleep. I ask her what’s going on. A death in the family. She was away traveling and couldn’t return when it happened. She is reeling. She doesn’t know what matters anymore.

So, we talk. I tell her stories. She tells me stories. I tell her about my tactics of lists: head light planning. Your car headlights don’t light up everything. The close stuff is clear as day, the further stuff get’s dimmer the further away it is. But as you get closer it get’s illuminated. Same thing with lists. So, make a fairly detailed list for now to 90 days, a list less detailed for 90 days to a year. And then a list with less detail for 3 years.

We work on it a bit. It seems to help. It gives her a world view. I tell her to put something silly on the list. Then I tell her to cross it out. See? You control the list. It’s yours to play with and change. She smiles. A real smile. She’s happy to cross something off the list.

I get a feeling she is going to be okay.

She goes off to bed.

– Middle of the night, her boyfriend comes looking for her. She got up again. True love takes him out of the apartment. To find her.

I get a feeling she is going to be okay, again.


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