Get Your Daily Do-cember Fun-athon Calendar! Help keep winter blues away

Happy December!

Or, at least I hope it is happy for you. Some of us get the winter blues hard when the days get really short.

One of the things that seems to help with winter blues is keeping busy and connected. But, it isn’t always easy to remember to do that. So we decided to fix that with a creative project we are calling the Daily Do-cember Fun-athon.

The Daily Do-cember Fun-athon is a calendar that suggests one simple, easy, fun, open-ended and mostly cheap activity each day. It takes design cues from nativity calendars (you have to supply your own chocolate if you are in to that), in that each daily activity is covered by a flap, so you get a surprise each day. And the activities are suggestions, so you can interpret each one as you see fit. And, yes, it does look like a cuckoo clock…

You can download the PDF for free here ( and then you can make your own:
1 – you can print a black and white version with no flaps (no skills needed/less work/less surprise/fun!)
2 – you can color print, cut and glue your own with flaps (some skills needed/more work/more surprise/fun!)

If you are feeling flush, you could also kick us 20 cents for the same files here:


Not everyone is crafty or has free time. If you want one that has already been put together (printed in color on card stock, cut and glued) , you can order one here for $5 and it will be mailed to you:

The adorable and super smart Robin Lehto and I made most of these ideas up while we were walking around a park eating potato chips on Thanksgiving. We are both ridiculous people. Some of the ideas are probably bad. Try them!

And feel free to share!
I hope this brings you some joy on what can be a challenging part of the year.



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  1. My office is incredibly boring – and printed out this wonderful calendar to spice things up. Thank you!

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