Competitive Winter Picnic 2014 – Thanks and Winners!

Thank you for being part of Competitive Winter Picnicking! Seeing people having that much fun out side in 30 degree temperatures is really something.

Competition was fierce, but the weather was relatively forgiving, so we had that going for us, which was nice.

I’ve put up the team portraits here:

And my low budget, super quiet aerial photography of the event (aka a gopro on a stick) can be found here [and yes, they could use an edit…]:

I’d really enjoy it if you sent me links to any pictures / videos / write ups you may have done. Or just send me a note with thoughts/ideas/improvements.

The big winners are:

Best In Show went to Team Yakutsk. Here is a video of the winning performance:

Winner went to Black Ladle Pizza Club

First Place went to Sonic Quiche

All other awards can be found here:

Best in Show: Team Yakutsk 2018

Winner: Black Ladle Pizza Club

First Place: Sonic Quiche

Best Bribe: No Frills Co. Picnic

Best Conceptual Picnic: Liquor Gimp

Best Costumes: Heathers

Best Drink: Cannibal Eskimos

Best Food: Best Fed Hobos

Best Food Sculpture: Olde Timey Picnickers Who Rrr also Pirates

Best Homemade Baked Good: Olmsted’s Lackey and Vaux’s Brother

Best Picnic Basket: Best Fed Hobos/ Black Ladle

Best Pie: Perturbed Pie Eating Clowns

Best Pun: Campfire Girls Grown Up

Best Sportsmanship: Irresponsible Parents

Best Use of Meat: Irresponsible Parents

Best Visual Display: Heathers

Best Wurst: Plundering Pirates and Friends

Cleverest Name for a Dish: 10th Ave Freeze Out

Feeling Least Amount of Pain: Bong Island

Friendliest Picnickers: Bed Bugs

Largest Amount of Food: The Court of Frost

Least Amount of Clothes: Liquor Gimp

Least Likely, Yet Delicious, Food:
Society for The Prevention Of Cruelty to Tauntauns

Most Decadent Picnic: The Court of Frost

Most Ecologically Responsible: The Court of Frost

Most Elegantly Menacing: The Court of Frost

Most Healthy Picnic: Olmsted’s Lackey and Vaux’s Brother

Most Historically Impressive: The Court of Frost

Most Innovative Use of Ingredient: Black Ladle Pizza Club

Most Innovative Way of Staying Warm: Sonic Quiche

Most Valiant Failed Attempt: Campfire Girls Grown Up

Ugliest Salad: Bed Bugs

Veganest Food: We Are Girls

Youngest Picnicker: Irresponsible Parents

Most Certificates Won: The Court of Frost

Team with Most Members: Black Ladle Pizza Club

Big thanks to Prospect Park for the permit to use the park, and to my fellow judges. Having a crack team to work with always makes things a joy! I could not have done it without you. (We needed at least that many stomachs for all of the bribes!)

That was a lot of fun! Let’s do something again sometime soon!

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