July 2 – Brad’s adventure, checking things off the list, kitchen tricks

Take a look at Brad’s travels: http://southsudanandme.tumblr.com/ – he is going to be working for MSF in South Sudan. Good luck, my friend.

Prepping for my journey continues. Oil change – done! Unexpected costly repair to car found while oil change happened – done! (And now I know the local auto mechanic scene. Tip- paying in cash often leads to a better deal…) Talking to insurance agents about the peculiarities of my car insurance – done!


– I bought the paperback version of World War Z to read. The last fiction book I bought the paperback Version of, I lost. Makes me wonder how long it will be until I get the digital version of this book.

– If you make a list of all the things you do during the day, you could call it a ta-da! list.

– You can make sun tea by moonlight. You can actually make it in the fridge too. Yeah, seems like the sun isn’t obligatory. Makes me think about making sweet tea on the road…

– Carrot ginger dressing is dumb simple if I use the single serving smoothie attachment with my blender. Also, I took a bunch of cilantro on the verge of going bad, put it in the same attachment with some water, salt and vinegar. INSTANT FLAVOR… We have some basil that I am going to that to if it starts to wilt more…

Important research:

How to make a hamburger patty- https://youtube.com/watch?v=vVvlgy37-cw

Mostly good. MAKE YOUR PATTIES LOOSE! Break up your meat out of the package. You will thank me.

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