July 3 – Official holidays need blog posts too!

– What if getting bit by a zombie made you really really adorable? But still made you walking dead?

– The only way to get good at things is to fail at them repeatedly.

– If you bring a bag of grapes to a party, you can say it is a DIY wine kit.

– Discovered the Telstar logistics guy lives close by. When he came out of his house I nearly fan-girled

– Having nice neighbors who come to visit and groceries means this:

– I got to be someone’s phone a friend last night when they had a car wreck. Turns out mechanics aren’t open this weekend. And a lot of them are closed next week too.

I also showed up wearing all black, brimmed hat and a bandana around my neck. I was referred to as the cowboy who showed up in a truck to save the day. I liked that.

– I was also turned on to the phrase: all hat, no cattle.

– Turns out the WordPress mobile app is actually pretty good to me.

– I also found out how great a stoop I have for sitting. And how folks in my hood really are okay talking with you if you sit out.

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