July 23 – EAST COAST – “I feel like we are about to wind up on someone’s blog”


– Ah, the storage space. Just like I left it. But, what did I leave? Well, the only way to know is to go through everything.  So, that is what I did. There were a few surprises: present me thanked past me for buying all of those batteries. And generally being a good packer, if a bit heavy handed. So I pulled out my prep stuff, and headed towards my parents house. (I’m going to need to go through and cull stuff, but so be it, next week).

– One trick with all of this: keep things organized and easy to sort. My key tools in this:

> These crates:


These are sturdy, not too expensive, are big enough to be able to pack a lot in to them, but not so big you can’t carry what you loaded. They stack really well, and basically make their own shelving. And, they are grey. A perfect, blend in to the background, grey.

And when EVERYTHING goes in the same crate, moving and stacking them becomes a breeze.

These are not quite as good as they are not as sturdy, but they are clear, so you can see inside (which can be VERY useful):


> A label maker:

One problem with all of your crates looking the same? You can’t tell them apart. So, you label them. I have found a label maker is the best way to do this:

– legible font

– high contrast

– easy to make 3

– easy to change

– Went to the local asian market around here. They have most everything I need! And I got to try musk mellon flavored  Popsicle. I bought a bunch of stuff, but forgot to get a butane stove. They asked if I needed gas or needed help operating it. I smiled and said I own 6 of them. (Actually I own more.) Their eyes popped out of their heads. Suddenly, I had my change handed to me with a lot more respect…

– We stopped at a park, and went to a farmers market, and got producer from the Amish farmer. When I thanked him for growing the food, he looked startled. He looked me dead in the eye and said “the peaches are not mine.” He REALLY didn’t want to take credit for something he shouldn’t. It was great to see someone with so much integrity. I said trees take a long time to mature. And he brought up that on his farm, he head plenty else to keep him busy. I agreed, and the smile came back.

Here is a photo of a different farmers market we went to.

Linda’s friend sells pickles there.
– Thanks Linda for letting me roast smoked turkey legs at her house!

– While the turkey legs were cooking, we played  Space Team – http://www.sleepingbeastgames.com/spaceteam/

Man, do I like that game! Particularly the shaking when an asteroid comes by.

– Driving home, someone called out “Asteroid!”, in car and we all laughed and started shaking. “I feel like we are about to wind up on someone’s blog.” Okay, I take requests. BOOM. You are blogged!




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