July 15 – Virtual and Actual Realities, and making the world you want to live in



– I had coffee with Adam this morning. Talk about someone with style and drive. We met at Craftsman and Wolves. Gorgeous interiors, strong coffee, novel pastries. Adam got the Rebel With, which is a softboiled egg in a muffin. And, this is how you do it, apparently…

Adam not only building out a real world version of drop box, he is also giving up rent! He is buying a 30 ft airstream trailer, and turning it into a house. He is going to live out of it. This man is my hero.

– The second cup today was with Aicha at the Ferry Building, where we talked about how the next big frontier to bring tech, business, medical and gaming together is in virtual and augmented reality. This seems to be the next big frontier for technology. If you haven’t tried on an Oculus Rift yet, you should. Or, even a Google Cardboard. Aicha is a deisgn researcher, and to hear her talk about it, it’s fascinating how many things it brings together, and how much is left to be defined, despite all the technologies that it is based on. One of my favorite things about this is “how real should it be” and the uncanny valley. How having things that leave a bit to the imagination can be better than trying to “make reality”. That, and how important sound is.

– I always look at this display when I am at the Ferry Building. I am looking forward to buying them as a gift for just the right person. Close by they also sell dry insects as snack food. I really really want some of those…


– I had one of those “right place, right time moments”. I don’t often ride my bike during the day, but I did today. I don’t ride south beyond the Ferry Building, but today I did. I stopped for a soda, which I don’t often drink, and went down the end of a pier I’ve never been to to drink it. The pier was along the side of a marina. I notice a power boat coming in, and that the person piloting it was wearing a life vest. Funny, I thought, you don’t see many people wear those.

About 3/4 the way through my soda, I hear someone yell for help. The lady in the boat was yelling for help, sh had fallen into the water, and caught a line, and was holding on. I didn’t know what to do. I thought someone who was from the marina would know what to do, so I waited for a cue. Everyone else seem paalyzed to. So I started riding towards here, and another guy started running too. I was relieved to be following him. We got tot he boat about the same time. I said for him to get the engine, (again, what do I know about boats), and I’d see to her. She had her life vest on, and was holding on to the rope. At this point, the other man had tied off the back of the boat and had me bring along a rope from the front. The lady climbed up to the back of the boat. Boy, was she happy to be out of the water. We all joked for a minute. I shook her hand, and told her she did a good job not panicking and calling for help. She was soaked, but happy she at least didn’t loose her glasses.

It was great to jump to and help someone out.

– Big thanks to Linda for sending words of encouragement. I was feeling really low, and out of nowhere, she let’s me know how proud she is of me, and how she thinks this thing is great. It meant a lot to me, and came at just the right time. Linda has a way of knowing JUST when to call. She ofter calls to tell me to be careful, without knowing I am about to do something really dump. Or to tell me she is proud of me when I am low. It’s great to have a psychic link to someone like that!


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