Oct 9 – waiting for angels


CorgiCon is tomorrow!

– I spent a lot of time today watching the Blue Angels fly over SF. Here is a picture of what a lot of that experience looks like.

– I like to use a Mason Jar for drinks, and today I took it down to the cafe I like to get coffee from and got a steep discount for bringing my own cup! I really enjoy drinking out of heavy glass, and to save a bit of money doing it? Winning.

– I also wonder about the health effects of drinking out of paper cups. A bit of research only turns up scare-mongering. Still,  _maybe_ whatever plastic/wax/cornstarch they coat the cups with aren’t as non-reactive as glass…

– Phrases I enjoyed hearing today:

  • All you can eat BBQ
  • It’s okay! We can fix it.
  • I actually don’t mind hopelessness. In fiction.
  • Imagine if you will. A tea pot. But it’s clear. Standard shape, quite fetching

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