Oct 10 – It takes a pro like Tod Seelie to make me look good.


I am starting to go through documents and mails from the last few months. Tod Seelie posted some amazing photos on Flickr. Here are some of yours truly. Check out the rest of the shots he did for Everyhere Logistics.

PLEASE HIRE TOD WHENEVER YOU NEED TO HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER commercial, editorial, reportingportraits, whatever. Or, you know, just buy a book.

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Tod was part of the tour, and took amazing photos. He is dependable, easy to work with, dedicated, driven, fair and has a generous heart. Funny as hell, too.

Tod posts great stuff all the time at https://instagram.com/todseelie



– I woke up with a terrible headache. I think I had a breeze on my head while I slept, and that seems to be enough to have given me a crazy headache / migrane. Or maybe the Korean food I had last night had more MSG than advertised.

The thing about migraines for me is that, when they pass, all my senses are hyper acute and it takes a little while for everything to function okay again. I spent most of the day in bed, and it was hard to move. Talking to people felt like, if language was a bicycle, then the handle bars kept slipping out of my hands.

But, for a bit, I got to sit on my back porch. I have never heard how lovely the bamboo windchime was, or how the overlapping leaves and shadows were so beautiful. I never want another migraine, but I do appreciate the freshness the rewiring my brain gives me.

– I bought a balaclava as a night cap.


I am going to look ridiculous when I sleep, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to not wake up with a headache. The problems you find when you have a shaved head.

Plus, have you ever slept with a hat on? GIVES ME GREAT DREAMS. Try it? (If you do, won’t you send me a picture? Maybe of you in your cap? Or a depiction of the dream?)





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