Oct 12 – Etymology & Amygdala Hijack & Corgis


– I am all for automating things, but  I really like the conductor messages on the train, and the occasional narrative quip. 

IMG_2173-1.jpg– Prunes / Raisins – The word for plumb in French is prune, and the word for grape in French is raisin.
Why do those words have different meanins? Royals.

Also funny language thing: Want to see a Brit blush? Ask them what fanny pack means?

– I didn’t go go Corgi Con, but Buzzfeed did!


And, http://www.sfgate.com/aboutsfgate/slideshow/Corgi-Con-118477.php – look how cute!

– No one likes when something small happens, and they snap. Here’s why it happens.

Amygdala Hijack – Goleman uses the term to describe emotional responses from people which are immediate and overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat.



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