Summary from ROFLcon

I was writing a note to someone, and realized it was a great summary of ROFLcon.


ROFLcon was great by the way. Hearing Jonathan Zittrain and Anil Dash was inspiring, and I got to hang out with Craig Allen, one half of the team who wrote the “Old Spice Guy” commercials. It is sort of fun to go from one panel about LOLcats, to another one about hacking the political system.

The kicker being the Tron Guy standing up in his outfit during the Defending the Internet panel as the only tea party constituent, imploring people to make sure they keep all partisan (liberal and conservative) rhetoric out of the single cause of keeping the internet free. He was met with thunderous applause.

The bravery and silliness of the internet was embodied right there. I had no idea the Tron Guy would be a hero…

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