July 3 – Official holidays need blog posts too!

– What if getting bit by a zombie made you really really adorable? But still made you walking dead? – The only way to get good at things is to fail at them repeatedly. – If you bring a bag of grapes to a party, you can say it is a DIY wine kit. – Discovered the Telstar logistics guy lives close by. When he came out of his house I nearly fan-girled – Having nice neighbors who come to visit and groceries means this: – I got to be... Read The Rest →

Waiting For The Man – May 18, 2013 – Anticipation, Secrets, and Seeing If You Can Be The Most Fascinating Person In NYC.

Twenty teams of artists competed to see who could be so interesting that they would be photographed in one of the 10 instant photos of our unwitting photographer/judge.

Meeting of the Minds Aug 21, 2013 – an impromptu event and infiltration for people who are interested but not yet involved

People always ask me to bring them along on events. But, I hesitate to bring along people I haven't worked with before. So, I did a project where everyone was someone I hadn't worked with. SO. MUCH. FUN.

The Mason Project – eating together, while eating apart – A social, distributed way to cook, share and eat for busy people.

A weekly get together where people share meals for the week. Each attendee brings 6 mason jars, all filled with a complete meal. Food is traded, and everyone goes home with a diverse batch of home cooked meals.

Thanks United Purpose for having me speak about Mass-scale movements!

Thanks United Purpose for having me speak! Using a reverse panel discussion was an amazing experience. It really allowed me to engage with some bright minds, and get to moderate a great, fast paced conversation. I felt like I was piloting a human computer made of minds!

An equation for us all to work on [ Stress=(Value*Responsibility)-Control ]

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend while visiting with Meg Keys as she was working a shift at Red Lantern Bikes – a great combination bar/coffee/bike place… We were talking about stress, and I was talking about how responsibility and control are tied together: responsibility without control is sort of the definition of what causes stress. Also, your perceived value of how important the things you are dealing with are amplify the stress. (Oh, and if algebra is one of those things that cause you undo stress,... Read The Rest →

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