At the Boatel – Slinging Coffee and Making Fish Tacos

Photo by Porter Fox.

I got to spend the afternoon into evening at the Boatel! I started the day slinging coffee with my Aeropress, and rounded things out by cooking up some stripped sea bass for fish tacos. (There is something amazing about having the “How to Cook Everything” iPhone app on you phone.)

The boatel is a flurry of activity. I got to peak into several of the boats, and each one is a handmade environment, reflective of the spirit of the artist creating it. Each one is totally unique, engaging and lovely. The common doc that they are building is a great place to sit and watch the majesty of flight large and small: there are swans, gulls, and egrets just a few feet away, as well as huge low flying jets taking off from JFK! If you’re lucky, you may also see someone use the “work raft”: someone gave a shipping palette new life by putting foam underneath so it will float, and an easy chair on top. Oar locks were suggested to be added!

You can still get a room. I hear Wednesday nights are a good time to book. The selection of boats is still good, and it is movie night! (I helped figure out how to project from the dock to the 20 foot movie screen across the channel.)

Also, one of the joys of driving down to the Boatel is stopping at New Park Pizza. Andi Olive, I think you would agree.


This is the flyer for the Marina 59 Boatel!
This is the flyer for the Marina 59 Boatel!

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