July 25 – East Coast – Mau Mau Island – another disappearing place I visit, and how to change your default from work to life

Thanks to Porter Fox for the photo - http://deepthebook.com/

  Orion creates the Battle of Mau Mau Island. You make a boat out of junk, you put on a costume, you bring it out, and you get towed out to a flotilla of other junk boats, and various sailboats that people now live on and abandoned boats that are more frequent than you may imagine as slip fees are rather high… The day is full of wrestling, stealing flags and people generally having a great time being around each other. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.... Read The Rest →

July 5 – Garam Masala Watermelon

Notes – Across the major cross streets in my neighborhood are the spent tubes and packaging of an epic fireworks show. I declined to photograph.  Impressive, but I don’t think I could do it justice. – Photos of Budapest pigeons from the fair last night, taken by Tess. These are real! But they look like they have googely eyes. – I had a whole watermelon left over, so I made more watermelon juice. This time I put in mint and Garam Masala.  AWESOME!!! – I also got some time with... Read The Rest →

July 3 – Official holidays need blog posts too!

– What if getting bit by a zombie made you really really adorable? But still made you walking dead? – The only way to get good at things is to fail at them repeatedly. – If you bring a bag of grapes to a party, you can say it is a DIY wine kit. – Discovered the Telstar logistics guy lives close by. When he came out of his house I nearly fan-girled – Having nice neighbors who come to visit and groceries means this: – I got to be... Read The Rest →

Meeting of the Minds Aug 21, 2013 – an impromptu event and infiltration for people who are interested but not yet involved

People always ask me to bring them along on events. But, I hesitate to bring along people I haven't worked with before. So, I did a project where everyone was someone I hadn't worked with. SO. MUCH. FUN.

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