July 13 – I felt like I was in the future. A future where I am old and don’t know how the buttons work.


– Tiffany says: “put this into your blog: When I see peaches, I want to make them into a pie. When you see people with potential, you want to get them to do stuff. And turn them in to pies.”  At least I think is what she said. Misquoting people is fun.

Full disclosure: I have never literally turned anyone in to a pie. I can’t even make a crust.

– I used Google hangouts on my iPhone to give a tour of my house today. I felt like I was in the future. A future where I am old and don’t know how the buttons work. (I am still befuddled by Snapchats UI.)

Here is a photo of me trying to get Hangouts to work.

And, yes, I am growing out my road beard.  I am very open to how to evolve the beard. Length? Shape? Let me know what you think!

– In my purge, these are going towards a friends costume pile.

These came out a VCR I took apart with Sly. Taking apart old electronic things to see how they work is one of my favorite things. It was particularly fun to do it with Sly as we both had different strategies to get in to the different bits.

– I tried my hand at blues dancing last night. It was fun. But I went by myself, and  I think it would be way way more fun to take a big handful of folks, take the lesson together and then goof off… One thing I can say that I am proud of: when it comes to partner dancing, I am confident enough in my abilities to hold a conversation why I do it.

Also, hey dance instructor dude: I know I am a stocky. I know what age I am. I know I am a guy. I know I am here by myself. I guess I look like a certain profile to you? But, really, do you need to be making fierce eye contact with me and only me when you talk about bad dance etiquette warnings and gender neutral lead/follow policy?  Way to go with making me not feel included, making me feel like I am per-supposed as predatory. It’s cool. I am going to use it to help understand all the biases other people get treated with, and how I treat others.

Waste not, want not.

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