July 14 – When is a bottle not a bottle? When it is making itself a glasses case.

NOTES: – I have been officially named my housemate Tiffany’s Best Male Friend. And to seal the deal, we high-fived. It has been a year long grooming process. She has let me know that I have been in the running, and she has been coaching me. We have laughed a lot, talked about feelings, and even bonded while talking over each other. We have traded ideas, advice, split groceries and co-own furniture. We painted a room together recently. I’ve actually worked VERY HARD to casually work on this.  I am... Read The Rest →

July 13 – I felt like I was in the future. A future where I am old and don’t know how the buttons work.

Notes: – Tiffany says: “put this into your blog: When I see peaches, I want to make them into a pie. When you see people with potential, you want to get them to do stuff. And turn them in to pies.”  At least I think is what she said. Misquoting people is fun. Full disclosure: I have never literally turned anyone in to a pie. I can’t even make a crust. – I used Google hangouts on my iPhone to give a tour of my house today. I felt like... Read The Rest →

July 12 – Domestic duties and deep considerations

– Domestics was the theme for the day. No mater who you are, everybody needs to take care of things around the house. With my bags packed, it’s time to pack away everything else. I really enjoy packing everything up and so I can reset when I get back. A clean sweep and a fresh start. But MAN, does it take a long time to get through it all. That is why I think hiring movers make sense: they have no emotional attachment to the things they are moving. I... Read The Rest →

July 7 – Things I am bad at, and goats

Notes – – I’ve historically never been much of a reader. Reading is something that I do very slowly. It will take me a LONG time to get through one. But only lately, I’ve felt really protected by reading books. I discovered it when I pulled into Reno after a long drive. I was going to pop-out of my car and dive in to some art parties where I didn’t know anybody. The funny thing was I couldn’t. It wasn’t working. I was getting really anxious. And I just didn’t... Read The Rest →

July 5 – Garam Masala Watermelon

Notes – Across the major cross streets in my neighborhood are the spent tubes and packaging of an epic fireworks show. I declined to photograph.  Impressive, but I don’t think I could do it justice. – Photos of Budapest pigeons from the fair last night, taken by Tess. These are real! But they look like they have googely eyes. – I had a whole watermelon left over, so I made more watermelon juice. This time I put in mint and Garam Masala.  AWESOME!!! – I also got some time with... Read The Rest →

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