July 14 – When is a bottle not a bottle? When it is making itself a glasses case.


– I have been officially named my housemate Tiffany’s Best Male Friend. And to seal the deal, we high-fived. It has been a year long grooming process. She has let me know that I have been in the running, and she has been coaching me. We have laughed a lot, talked about feelings, and even bonded while talking over each other. We have traded ideas, advice, split groceries and co-own furniture. We painted a room together recently. I’ve actually worked VERY HARD to casually work on this.  I am super happy to be bestowed the title. Please note, NONE of this is written ironically.

Thing I am looking forward to saying: “No, Tiffany and I are not dating. She is my housemate and we are friends. Specifically, I have been named her Best Male Friend as of July 14, 2015, 3 PM Pacific Daylight Time.”

Tiffany has been, and is currently, my Emergency Contact.

– Tuesdays are the day I keep track of my weeks. Tuesday at noon, as part of the earthquake preparedness, a siren goes off across San Francisco. On my street shortly after, the street sweeper comes by.

– I had excellent meals today, in both place and company. Lunch with Andy at http://misssaigonsf.net/ – great Vietnamese in SOMA, and Dinner with Bryce at http://misssaigonsf.net/ – amazing Chinese in the Castro!

– I got to ride my bike today in weeks. It’s silly how much I like doing that…

– I wear contacts and glasses. For me, it is really frustrating if I can’t find my glasses. My thought is usually: If I could find my glasses, then I could find my glasses! And on the road, when I don’t have a consistent place to put them, I use a cheap plastic water bottle. It keeps them really safe! And it is big and generally pretty easy to find, even when I don’t have corrective vision in


– German Tongues Twister: In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum.



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