July 20 – Alarmed at the lack of a summer jam


– Currently there is no clear winner as the Jam of Summer. This is concerning. I have not heard one clear SUMMER ANTHEM.

–  A friend of mine and I were discussing evening plans: “Please don’t get her arrested. She is here on a visa.”  #artlifeproblems

– What started as a casual call to check in was interrupted by an urgent text, resulting in a discussion of how to roast 30 turkey legs for two different art events in different states. I am now covering up to $30 of a case of turkey legs .  #moreartlifepeoblems

– I needed to take photos of my rooms in the house, and wasn’t liking what I was getting. I really wished I had a fish eye lens. And then I thought about it. Panorama does sort of the same things. So, here are examples of my photos faking fish eye with panoramas:

The room is still open! One person told me they thought the room may be a scam because the price seems too good to be true. No, it is just great, and I am not trying to overcharge!!!

– EHL: Plane tickets are being bought. Money is being spent. Locals are getting more serious. Things are being  rented. Keys are changing hands. It’s great to see things bloom.

– Tiffany and T-Bone are taking a mobile vagina museum across country. Today I got to see the vagina of a kangaroo – in pictures and as a “please touch” museum piece. More to come.

– Went to Daly City with Dennis to get food at Kukje. It was a trifecta: Avoided traffic, got parking and got Korean food!

– I seem to reset a certain friends brain so when she first sees me, she slips back into her native German. It makes the first few minutes of get togethers fun. And, living most of my life having languages spoken to me that I don’t understand, I find it oddly reassuring to have someone speak to me in languages other than English. Oddly, I tend to understand what’s being discussed regardless of language.

– We also talked about how “fanatic” and “lunatic” don’t make any sense. You don’t say “loon – attic”, you say “loon-a-tick”.


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