October 15 – Towers

Trust me, the view was way more impressive in person. Some things just don’t translate well to digital. Just have to be there.

– I have one of Robin’s locket’s in my truck. It means a lot to me…


I’ve had a “special things box” for most of my life, too. And funny, I keep on making and using boxes for special things as well.

I hope Robin writes more. She’s great at it.


Evan always tells me how great Turtle Tower is. So I went with Noah. I have to report, North Vietnamese food is it’s own thing! The broth is way more creamy for the pho, and the noodles are broader.  I am looking forward to going back!

We also looked at a lot of different venues around Mission/Valencia  – it’s surprising how there are tiny little meeting places like http://www.borderlands-books.com/ and giant venues like Gray Area. I never really looked at that portion of Mission as a hub of venues, but now it’s obvious to me…

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