October 15 – Towers

Trust me, the view was way more impressive in person. Some things just don’t translate well to digital. Just have to be there. – I have one of Robin’s locket’s in my truck. It means a lot to me… http://maggiemayandlocketfox.tumblr.com/post/131245649484/making-art-to-make-meaning-the-affordable I’ve had a “special things box” for most of my life, too. And funny, I keep on making and using boxes for special things as well. I hope Robin writes more. She’s great at it.   – Evan always tells me how great Turtle Tower is. So I went with... Read The Rest →

July 5 – Garam Masala Watermelon

Notes – Across the major cross streets in my neighborhood are the spent tubes and packaging of an epic fireworks show. I declined to photograph.  Impressive, but I don’t think I could do it justice. – Photos of Budapest pigeons from the fair last night, taken by Tess. These are real! But they look like they have googely eyes. – I had a whole watermelon left over, so I made more watermelon juice. This time I put in mint and Garam Masala.  AWESOME!!! – I also got some time with... Read The Rest →

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