Electronic Resources from the San Francisco Public Library – the free, amazing resource you probably don’t know about, but should

The SF Public Library electronic resources are amazing! Free electronically accessible ebooks, magazines, comics, audiobooks, movies and newspapers (include The New York Times), Lynda.com and Rosetta Stone. Free tickets to museums as well. And if you don't live in SF, you can STILL get a SF library card. Details on that in the post too!

July 22 – Alarmed at no alarm…

Notes:¬† – Having trouble sleeping before an early morning thing is sort of normal for me. But, I set my alarm. Even if I need to get up at 5 AM. I should be good. Or so I thought. I woke up again In the middle of the night. No problem. Drink water, visit bathroom, back to bed. But, when I got up again at 6:15, with no alarm? Well, can I just say I was alarmed? Seems like the alarm clock¬†that I rarely use and recently reset was on... Read The Rest →

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