July 8 – a hard exterior with a sweet center – by which I mean my new cake carrier

  Brian, with my new friend. She’s a good listener. NOTES: – Alina suggested I start doing more formatting on the posts. Let’s see how I do… – I was talking about my reasoning for doing the blog. Here is what I came up with: 1) I said I would. If you tell all your people you are going to give them stories from on the road, you better do it. These are your people. 2) I’m trying to become a better writer. I have no illusions these first few... Read The Rest →

Lost Horizon Night Market: Fall round-up: Philly, NYC, SF and Las Vegas.

This Fall has been busy for the Lost Horizon Night Market. Philadelphia held one on Sept 22. This is great write up of the event: http://www.knightarts.org/community/philadelphia/little-berlins-evernever-night-market One of the Philadelphia organizers has promised to bring the event to Portland as well. I’m looking forward to it! It also seems that two LHNM NY veterans took inspiration of the idea to Las Vegas: http://blog.getspeakeasy.com/behind-the-scenes-dusty-rabbit/ Future LHNM’s are also happening in the San Francisco Bay Area on Nov 10, and in NYC on November 17. Of course I can’t tell you anything... Read The Rest →

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