July 22 – Alarmed at no alarm…

Notes:¬† – Having trouble sleeping before an early morning thing is sort of normal for me. But, I set my alarm. Even if I need to get up at 5 AM. I should be good. Or so I thought. I woke up again In the middle of the night. No problem. Drink water, visit bathroom, back to bed. But, when I got up again at 6:15, with no alarm? Well, can I just say I was alarmed? Seems like the alarm clock¬†that I rarely use and recently reset was on... Read The Rest →

July 17 – The way of the leaf down the stream, and redacted…

It’s amazing how quickly a day can change. This morning I was planning to drive across country. Tonight I am going to fly across country instead. I was going to pull a trailer, now it seems we are going to rent a truck. It was get out of town ASAP, now it’s wait until Tuesday. It makes me think: I am learning the way of the leaf down the stream. I keep on moving forward, driven by a POWERFUL force, but the exact route is a mystery. It is all... Read The Rest →

The Mason Project – eating together, while eating apart – A social, distributed way to cook, share and eat for busy people.

A weekly get together where people share meals for the week. Each attendee brings 6 mason jars, all filled with a complete meal. Food is traded, and everyone goes home with a diverse batch of home cooked meals.

An equation for us all to work on [ Stress=(Value*Responsibility)-Control ]

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend while visiting with Meg Keys as she was working a shift at Red Lantern Bikes – a great combination bar/coffee/bike place… We were talking about stress, and I was talking about how responsibility and control are tied together: responsibility without control is sort of the definition of what causes stress. Also, your perceived value of how important the things you are dealing with are amplify the stress. (Oh, and if algebra is one of those things that cause you undo stress,... Read The Rest →

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