July 25 – East Coast – Mau Mau Island – another disappearing place I visit, and how to change your default from work to life

Thanks to Porter Fox for the photo - http://deepthebook.com/

  Orion creates the Battle of Mau Mau Island. You make a boat out of junk, you put on a costume, you bring it out, and you get towed out to a flotilla of other junk boats, and various sailboats that people now live on and abandoned boats that are more frequent than you may imagine as slip fees are rather high… The day is full of wrestling, stealing flags and people generally having a great time being around each other. It’s one of my favorite events of the year.... Read The Rest →

July 12 –┬áDomestic duties and deep considerations

– Domestics was the theme for the day. No mater who you are, everybody needs to take care of things around the house. With my bags packed, it’s time to pack away everything else. I really enjoy packing everything up and so I can reset when I get back. A clean sweep and a fresh start. But MAN, does it take a long time to get through it all. That is why I think hiring movers make sense: they have no emotional attachment to the things they are moving. I... Read The Rest →

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