July 8 – a hard exterior with a sweet center – by which I mean my new cake carrier


Brian, with my new friend. She’s a good listener.


– Alina suggested I start doing more formatting on the posts. Let’s see how I do…

– I was talking about my reasoning for doing the blog. Here is what I came up with:

1) I said I would. If you tell all your people you are going to give them stories from on the road, you better do it. These are your people.

2) I’m trying to become a better writer. I have no illusions these first few blog posts are all that great. But, I am hoping by the time the trip kicks off in August, I’ll be better. And by the end of the trip, better yet? And who knows. Maybe it may move me to a new gig?

3) I am hoping to use this as a survey. What did I think was important enough to write down? What was I able to remember? How can these be tea leaves in my personal fortune telling?

– I sublet my parking! Not I just have to sublet my room! My listing is updated! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sub/5108708769.html

– A gem of a place I stopped by today: http://www.lennonstudios.com/ – A friend has a practice space there. In a town where finding a space is hard, this is a good place to know about.

– I gave a virtual tour of the noodle truck today. Want one? Here you go:

– I am serious about my cake and tea. Notice the new cake carrier.


Of course, I really should be wearing a suit…

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