July 7 – Things I am bad at, and goats

Notes –

– I’ve historically never been much of a reader. Reading is something that I do very slowly. It will take me a LONG time to get through one. But only lately, I’ve felt really protected by reading books. I discovered it when I pulled into Reno after a long drive. I was going to pop-out of my car and dive in to some art parties where I didn’t know anybody.

The funny thing was I couldn’t. It wasn’t working. I was getting really anxious. And I just didn’t want to do anything. So I went back to my car and drove away. Feeling defeated. So I thought about it. What I really wanted to do was go and read my book  – Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson. So, I pulled my car over, and read my book for a bit. It calmed me down. And boosted my energy. And let me go back into being social.

It’s funny to find books as a refuge, after all of these years. Now, I really need some time on the couch with a book. I also REALLY like sitting on my front stoop to read.

I am now reading World War Z by Max Brooks. It’s good. It reads like a bunch of short stories. I can tell why they did the movie the way they did, which is nothing like the book. But I think both tell a story that works for its medium. Good job on being flexible folks.

– Today we started painting the downstairs room. This put me into a panic. I never really learned how to paint. Painting (and I do mean painting walls) has always been a terror and mystery to me. Growing up, I think I got yelled at a lot when painting was happening. I see it as very serious. Tiffany and I were working on this together. While I approach things to do them as perfectly as possible, Tiffany sees perfection as an obstacle to getting things done. Jump right in, get it done is her way.

I told her when we started how I really didn’t like painting. Mid-way through she asked me how I was doing. I wanted to say – “it’s fine” and avoid talking about it. So, what I actually said was “I’m internally having small panic attacks. It’s okay, I am working through it, but it’s hard. I hate doing this.” This spawned a lot of conversation. But it was great to have an honest conversation about it.

And, when we were done, it wasn’t so bad. Pretty good actually. I mean, as Tiffany pointed out, it will always be a basement room. But it went from sort of terrible basement room to just a basement room. And we have plans for stunning. In time.

One thing I learned is the saying – painting is 50% of the work, if you are lucky, meaning that all of the other prep work and cleaning is most of the work.

– Tess is repotting plants for me! So, we went to buy dirt at Bay Natives. While we were there, we stopped by an saw some of the cute landscapers at City Grazing.



Yes, you can rent a goat herd and the flock to come and clean up your yard, or just liven up your party.


– I found out that these people will sell you fabric by the yard –

– And you can get a good price on custom stamps here:

What do you do with a rubber stamp?



– It seems more people learn things from YouTube then they do from most post secondary institutions. Could you get a degree from YouTube?

– Thank you Kelly for answering questions about the trailer hitch lock!

– Frozen Bananas, skim milk, dark bakers chocolate, throw it into a Ninja, best dessert ever – for today.


– GPS, DashCam and Bedding for the back of the truck is in my possession! In action pictures on the way!



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