Tatical Brunch at Maker Faire 2013 – Expanded tactial brunch gets 3 blue ribbons!

Maker Faire 2013 invited me back for another season. And we won 3 blue ribbons!

Based on last year’s success with Tactical Brunch, I decided to revisit the project but change some things up.

Of course the hot open faced sandwiches showed up again, as did the hot cappuccino case.


But, I also collaborated on some cases: shaved ice, crepes and sculptural sandwiches.


With Ashley Albert, we collaborated to make Shaved Ice Cases!

I wanted to make these cases so I had a set with a warm weather appeal. In considering the options, I thought of the push carts of ice scrapers that travel around, and with a little research, I got a scraper! (Please note: the scrapers are not sharpened when you get them. But, using a whet stone isn’t so hard! Also, the blade rusts easily. Keep it dry, and if you get rust, soak it with some vinegar and scrub it.)

I then needed ice. I filled up a 9 litre Really Useful Box with hot water from the tap (I used hot water, as water that has been heated has less bubbles when freezing, so the ice looks clearer), and then let it sit in my freezer undisturbed for a few days. When it came time to use, you just flip over the container, open the lid, and out slides a perfect block of ice!

Ashley came up with some amazing flavors of topings: Cinnamon Rock Candy, Lavender Honey Pepper and “May 14th, 1973” (which is pretty much butter rum!). Ashley improvised containers out of water bottles with flip tops and make labels with her label maker. They looked great!  We also had some sour cherry syrup, rose water, coconut creme, fresh lemon, fresh lime and a little simple syrup to keep people happy. I also had some more advanced flavors, like coffee!



Overall, the snow cones were very well received!

Here is a Vine Video of a very happy Make Crew getting one with sour cherry syrup:



With Laura Clarke, I worked on the Crepe Cases. This was a bit of an unwitting collaboration. Laura called me and asked me what I was doing that weekend. When I told her, she was in! Little did I know that she was an EXPERT crepe maker. Lucky me. Even more, lucky everyone who got one of her crepes!

The crepe cases were a reconfiguration of my stove case – a case with a butane stove in it, to which I found a crepe pan that could be in the case when I closed the lid. The other case had all of the fixings. A moment on one side, an aerial flip, some time on the other side, and then the crepe was folded in half, and then half again. Toppings were applied, and recipient was happy!