July 17 – The way of the leaf down the stream, and redacted…

It’s amazing how quickly a day can change. This morning I was planning to drive across country. Tonight I am going to fly across country instead. I was going to pull a trailer, now it seems we are going to rent a truck. It was get out of town ASAP, now it’s wait until Tuesday. It makes me think: I am learning the way of the leaf down the stream. I keep on moving forward, driven by a POWERFUL force, but the exact route is a mystery. It is all... Read The Rest →

July 16 – tagging along with a big smile on my face…

NOTES – – Being in California, having an executive producer role in a cross-country art thing, and needing to do morning calls with the East Coast has lead to some odd mornings. Twice this week, I have been awake at 7, naked, in bed, with my laptop, talking on my phone about logistics, finances and methodology. I wonder what percentage of the US economy is done by naked tele-commuters? I like to think of these sorts of calls as Hunter S. Thompson style… – Thanks to Tess for re-potting all... Read The Rest →

July 7 – Things I am bad at, and goats

Notes – – I’ve historically never been much of a reader. Reading is something that I do very slowly. It will take me a LONG time to get through one. But only lately, I’ve felt really protected by reading books. I discovered it when I pulled into Reno after a long drive. I was going to pop-out of my car and dive in to some art parties where I didn’t know anybody. The funny thing was I couldn’t. It wasn’t working. I was getting really anxious. And I just didn’t... Read The Rest →

July 5 – Garam Masala Watermelon

Notes – Across the major cross streets in my neighborhood are the spent tubes and packaging of an epic fireworks show. I declined to photograph.  Impressive, but I don’t think I could do it justice. – Photos of Budapest pigeons from the fair last night, taken by Tess. These are real! But they look like they have googely eyes. – I had a whole watermelon left over, so I made more watermelon juice. This time I put in mint and Garam Masala.  AWESOME!!! – I also got some time with... Read The Rest →

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