Oct 10 – It takes a pro like Tod Seelie to make me look good.


I am starting to go through documents and mails from the last few months. Tod Seelie posted some amazing photos on Flickr. Here are some of yours truly. Check out the rest of the shots he did for Everyhere Logistics. PLEASE HIRE TOD WHENEVER YOU NEED TO HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER – commercial, editorial, reporting,  portraits, whatever. Or, you know, just buy a book. Tod was part of the tour, and took amazing photos. He is dependable, easy to work with, dedicated, driven, fair and has a generous heart. Funny as hell,... Read The Rest →

The Mason Project – eating together, while eating apart – A social, distributed way to cook, share and eat for busy people.

A weekly get together where people share meals for the week. Each attendee brings 6 mason jars, all filled with a complete meal. Food is traded, and everyone goes home with a diverse batch of home cooked meals.

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