July 19 – In SF, Mimosas grow on trees…

NOTES: – I have this idea that I call “creative density”. It’s the idea that if you have enough creative people in an environment, there will be a bunch of chance encounters that can actually mean that some interesting art can happen. I had one of those moments today. I’m a bit lost today. I thought I was going to be on the road. No plans. I puttered this morning, but as the house started to heat due to the mid-day sun, it was time to leave the house. I... Read The Rest →

July 14 – When is a bottle not a bottle? When it is making itself a glasses case.

NOTES: – I have been officially named my housemate Tiffany’s Best Male Friend. And to seal the deal, we high-fived. It has been a year long grooming process. She has let me know that I have been in the running, and she has been coaching me. We have laughed a lot, talked about feelings, and even bonded while talking over each other. We have traded ideas, advice, split groceries and co-own furniture. We painted a room together recently. I’ve actually worked VERY HARD to casually work on this.  I am... Read The Rest →

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