July 19 – In SF, Mimosas grow on trees…

NOTES: – I have this idea that I call “creative density”. It’s the idea that if you have enough creative people in an environment, there will be a bunch of chance encounters that can actually mean that some interesting art can happen. I had one of those moments today. I’m a bit lost today. I thought I was going to be on the road. No plans. I puttered this morning, but as the house started to heat due to the mid-day sun, it was time to leave the house. I... Read The Rest →

July 15 – Virtual and Actual Realities, and making the world you want to live in

  NOTES – I had coffee with Adam this morning. Talk about someone with style and drive. We met at Craftsman and Wolves. Gorgeous interiors, strong coffee, novel pastries. Adam got the Rebel With, which is a softboiled egg in a muffin. And, this is how you do it, apparently… Adam not only building out a real world version of drop box, he is also giving up rent! He is buying a 30 ft airstream trailer, and turning it into a house. He is going to live out of it.... Read The Rest →

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