July 16 – tagging along with a big smile on my face…

NOTES – – Being in California, having an executive producer role in a cross-country art thing, and needing to do morning calls with the East Coast has lead to some odd mornings. Twice this week, I have been awake at 7, naked, in bed, with my laptop, talking on my phone about logistics, finances and methodology. I wonder what percentage of the US economy is done by naked tele-commuters? I like to think of these sorts of calls as Hunter S. Thompson style… – Thanks to Tess for re-potting all... Read The Rest →

An equation for us all to work on [ Stress=(Value*Responsibility)-Control ]

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend while visiting with Meg Keys as she was working a shift at Red Lantern Bikes – a great combination bar/coffee/bike place… We were talking about stress, and I was talking about how responsibility and control are tied together: responsibility without control is sort of the definition of what causes stress. Also, your perceived value of how important the things you are dealing with are amplify the stress. (Oh, and if algebra is one of those things that cause you undo stress,... Read The Rest →

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