July 26 – “They Make Money, We Make Friends”, and the truth behind crowd funding…

NOTES – Walking today Paul pointed out two hawks sitting just above our heads. It was the closest I think I have ever been to a wild bird of prey! – If you were looking to buy a pop-up canopy tent, now seems to be a great time to get them! – I love http://www.fivebelow.com/ – so much fun, cheap junk. I know I should buy more durable stuff, but this is a sweet indulgence. I bought some sunglasses to wear when I need to have more fun, to supplement... Read The Rest →

The Mason Project – eating together, while eating apart – A social, distributed way to cook, share and eat for busy people.

A weekly get together where people share meals for the week. Each attendee brings 6 mason jars, all filled with a complete meal. Food is traded, and everyone goes home with a diverse batch of home cooked meals.

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